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Customization Studio
A new approach for Making Changers in PowerBuilder Applications
Make your application customizable in minutes, and allow non-developers
to contribute to the design, validation and adaptation of your applications.
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Why use Customization Studio...

...with all types of Applications

Let users adapt the application themselves

Users may request a specific personalization
Complying with all requests is complex and expensive.

Customization Studio offers a new approach:

  • The application is deployed with Customization Studio.
  • Locally, users can adapt the application to comply with their requirements.
  • They can personalize reports and rearrange screens to fit their business. Changes are saved locally and are automatically re-applied when new versions are installed.
  • One person can customize the application for themself, or for an entire group of users

Speed up GUI validation

The typical GUI validation process starts with an application that is deployed for revision. Users test it and send their feedback to the developers. The developers then modify the code and produce a new version, which is deployed again for validation. This cycle is normally repeated several times, using trial and error to find the best interface.

Customization Studio speeds up this process:

  • End-users make changes in the GUI
  • Changes are temporarily saved in a DB
  • Developers review the changes. They can accept or refuse them
  • Customization Studio modifies the source code to apply these changes

Simplify the process of changing the Application

Normally, when a user needs the GUI of an application changed, they request these changes from a developer, and must wait for a new version.
Each development cycle requires time, budget and technical skills.

Customization Studio simplifies this process:

  • Changes are made directly on the executable copy
  • No source code required
  • No development skill required
  • Interface resembles most drawing tools
  • All elements are identified by an easy-to-understand business name
  • Reduced timeframe
  • Limited cost

...with Commercial Applications (Software Vendors)

Boost pre-sales operations

When introducing a Commercial application to new clients, you want to comply with their requirements as much as possible.
If this requires evolving your application, you don’t have the time for a complete development cycle.

Sales people can use Customization Studio to :

  • Quickly adapt the application to meet client needs
    (no development cycle required)
  • Get much better flexibility and reactivity, beat the competition and win the deal.

Sell Customization Services

You may want to sell customization services to your clients.
This usually requires a deep understanding of the software, a strong technical skill, and lots of interactions with developers to make sure adaptations will not generate unwanted side effects or heavy maintenance costs.
These restrictions will limit your reactivity, and ultimately your business…

Consultants can use Customization Studio to :

  • Personalize the application for each client independently from R&D operations, even for some complex changes.
  • Deliver customizations faster, reduce pending requests, and increase consulting revenues and customer satisfaction.

Develop your partner network

You may want to sell through partners, and give them the possibility to adapt the application while implementing it at the client’s site.
But you may not want to disclose your source code.
And not all potential partners have PB Skills…

Customization Studio opens new possibilities:

  • You can hire new partners with no PB skills, but a strong presence on the field.
  • They will resell and customize the application with NCS.
  • Since they can sell customization services, their motivation increases, your sales as well, everybody wins…

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